What is K9 bed bug Inspection and How it Works?

K9 bed bug inspections in the tri-state area are commonly used in the pest control industry to detect live bed bugs. Dogs can identify what you often cannot. These are live bed bugs and eggs that hide away. The process of how a dog detects bed bugs is pretty interesting!

But, what does K9 inspection mean? It stands for canine inspection. Use of the term K9 is common when talking about dogs that work alongside humans to help with police investigations or military missions.

For K9 bed bug detection specifically, however, these special dogs have the training to smell out their prey in various ways.

What is a K9 Bed Bug Inspection?

K9 inspections are a type of activity that is typical in pest control services in NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island to know the presence of live bed bugs. They also determine one of the most difficult life stages, the eggs. Trained K9s will sniff out these pests and let you know they are present.

The process for how a dog detects bed bugs is pretty interesting! From what it eats to what it smells, dogs are unique animals. With the use of the term K9 to mean canine inspection specifically for bed bug detection, this activity helps professionals find these pests.

Can Dogs Tell if You Have Bed Bugs?

Dogs can smell the presence of bed bugs or other pests and alert their human companions to take action! When you think about what it takes for a dog to find them, what they eat, and what they smell is important. Trained dogs as K9s for bed bug inspections benefit from certain foods. These enhance their ability to smell what these pests emit.

Their noses as the main sensory organ, dogs can smell beyond what you can. This is what helps them sniff out bed bugs and other things that you might otherwise miss such as drugs.

Can Dogs Smell Dead Bed Bugs?

K9 inspections can determine whether there are live bed bugs and what their stage is. Eggs, nymphs, and adults all require different treatments. Trained dogs can detect all of what you need to know. They can smell what might otherwise go undetected without taking the time to inspect thoroughly enough like these pests.

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) performed a study about dogs. These animals found bed bugs and eggs with an accuracy rate of 95.7%. They can also differentiate between live or dead insects. Finding them was at 98% when tested in hotel rooms.

How Do I Prepare for a K9 Bed Bug Inspection?

Know about three ways on how you can prepare for this type of visit from K9 bed bug dogs.

Remove Odors

Trained dogs of today can sniff what they are looking for more easily when a distinct odor is present. Getting rid of what might situate these pests makes inspection faster and easier! This is what professionals take into consideration as well. Proactivity matters about what you can do to make it easier for these K9 inspection dogs. Preparing this way helps them find what they need to know quickly and efficiently!

Remove Distractions

Having what you or your family does not want around helps these K9 inspection dogs find what they are looking for. This includes what you own and what might attract pests including bed bugs to go near them.

Properties that are not necessary for a proper search can complicate inspections. Keep what you can out of what inspection needs. This can help what experts need to know to stand out quickly and easily!

Organize what you need to make K9 bed bug inspections search more efficiently. This way, what these dogs do helps professionals find what is present more effectively.

Give Access

Having what these dogs need to inspect the necessary spaces can help them know what they are looking for. This way, what professionals determine affects your treatment plan.

Keep what needs as visible also accessible for trained K9s to find bed bugs more quickly and efficiently! This allows them to find what they need to know about the presence of these pests in your areas.

The closer a dog can get to where the bed bug scent is from, the better chance that it will pick up on its prey. Trained dogs achieved an impressive 97% success rate in finding these pests! They are successful at hunting down these bugs with access around each room. It gives 270 degrees from the front and sides for inspection services.

Canine Bed Inspection in The Tri-state Area

Eco Earth Bed Bugs serves NYC, Connecticut, and New Jersey. It offers a full range of bed bug detection and inspection services. These professionals use what is best for your home or office. Each canine handler employs their dog to provide what you need from K9 bed bug inspections. Dogs have a nearly 100% success rate at finding what you need them to quickly and efficiently!

These dogs can find what you need for the treatment plan. This gives you the proper information about the potential effects of their activity. Trained dogs can find the bed bugs that professionals miss within minutes! They are ready to solve this type of bug problem in the Tri-state area.

Are Bed Bug Inspections Accurate?

These dogs are responsible for what professionals need to inspect in your home. Trained K9s can smell what lays undetected against humans because of their strong nasal power! They can also differentiate between dead and alive bed bugs. Dogs are efficient at finding what their handlers require quickly and efficiently! This makes it easier for owners and their families to prepare accordingly.

These K9 inspections are what you need in the Tri-state area. They can search hard to reach parts easily. This includes wall voids and furniture crevices. These dogs know what they are looking for and what they need to find within minutes!

Trained dogs can check what is necessary such as furniture, drawers, shelves, and around windows. This gives an accurate inspection.

Advantages of Canine Bed Bug Inspections

Consider canine bed bug inspections for your home. Below are five of its benefits for you and your family:

Life Stages are Detected

They can detect what is necessary within their length of sniffing range. This includes what may lay emanating from your home. It includes the eggs and each cycle of the bed bug’s life.

Dogs can also sense the stages of development the bed bugs are in. The accuracy rate for dogs has been 97% since 1950! They have a better chance of finding what they need to inspect quickly and easily!

Training of K9s is hard enough to withstand the needed activity. It should include detecting the most hidden areas around your home, within your furniture and spaces.

High Accuracy

You need K9 inspections to determine what is necessary for your home or office to remove bed bugs. Dogs are remarkably accurate in their sense of smell! This canine bed bug inspection is what you want for your home in the Tri-state area.

Scientific studies prove dogs’ accuracy. They can find the most hidden bed bugs within minutes! This eliminates the time you spend preparing for a bed bug inspection.

Dogs can isolate what is necessary from each room and area, including furniture and behind walls. Treatments and information about what is necessary to find within your home are also more accurate.

Fast Inspection

Canine bed bug inspections are necessary for the Tri-state area. They can inspect your home fast and determine a suitable treatment.

The sniffing range ability of dogs makes it easy and quick for them to find where these bugs are! That is before vacating or after entering a residence or business.

These K9s are what businesses and homeowners need in the Tri-state area. They can detect what is necessary to provide inspectors with the important details about bed bugs.

It is all about what they need for your home inspection and treatment. These save your time and money.

Protecting Your Property

Bed bugs are pesky little things that can quickly spread through your apartment, dorm, and other residential properties. They are also hard to get rid of! Once an infestation starts, it is difficult to stop them without professional help from pest control professionals. They know how best to implement K-9 inspections on your behalf.

When looking for protection against these pests, make sure you consider at the minimum, quarterly K-9 bed bug inspections. Neighboring units that are close to one another like buildings within a small complex or even floor by floor are where these bugs stay. It is important to protect all locations where people live together during the day for safety.

Reduce Costs

K9 bed bug inspections and treatments are what you require for your home. The best part is that they can reduce costs for you!

This type of inspection can save money as well as time spent waiting for professionals to arrive. Avoid the hassle and contact experts now. They can provide you with what is necessary for a dog to inspect within your home.

Inspection and the type of bed bug treatment that you need depend on the degree of bed bugs in your home.

Get rid of bed bugs in your home or business, Consult Eco Earth Bed Bugs for Identifying and removing these bed bugs at your home across the Tri-state area. Feel relief after eliminating your infestation problems! The cost is always reasonable. Let the expert canines help take care of your property today.

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