What Do Bed Bugs Hate Scents That Repel Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been around for ages, and no one wants them! Scents that repel them are the best way to get rid of them for good! When thinking about these scents, it is important to choose them carefully. Some scents might make a big stink out of things. But are not going to do anything in terms of encouraging these bugs to go away.


Lavender scents are sweet. They help to keep the bed bugs away as it is such a strong scent and so many people dislike it. The best way to use this scent is to put sachets in areas where you may find these little pests before. Keep them near your bedside as another choice. Then apply lavender oil on any exposed skin. They will not come anywhere near you!

Lavender is no different from the myriad of other scents and chemicals used to eradicate them. It might become a bit more difficult, however. It is also an essential oil that should not come into contact with children or pets due to its strong smell. Make sure you are wearing gloves when working to keep your hands safe.


Vinegar scents also help to get rid of bed bugs and keep them away! This is because its scents smell like wine, and these bugs simply hate it. They will retreat to any dark corner they can find when the smell is strong enough. Of course, make sure you are diligent about washing the sheets every day.

The scents in the fabric will become much more powerful than sprays sitting on top of it all night long! Having pets means you need an object that will not harm them. This is in case they take a lick or a scratch from your dog, cat, or vice versa.


Garlic scents are a very strong alternative to repel bed bugs. Although it is potent, not everyone likes it. This means you may want to put up with the smell in exchange for your pest problem going away!

Everyone who has smelled garlic when cooking knows how strong these scents can become when left out in the air too long. It will take some getting used to when using this tactic against them. But it might work!

When you cut open a fresh garlic bulb, your home receives the released potent smell of cloves. This chemical compound interacts with bed bugs and causes them to become fearful or irritated! It could make them think twice before entering again!


Vicks VapoRub scents also work well in getting rid of bed bugs. Put a little bit of it on the bottom and inside seams of mattresses and nearby cracks. Especially target any areas you found these annoying creatures scurrying about at night!

These scents will prove to become quite strong for people who have allergies or sensitivities. Using scented candles is another way to help keep them away from anywhere you sleep. But experts discourage it when you want them to go elsewhere!

VapoRub is an ancient remedy to treat your cold and boost energy levels! The best part about it? It smells like peppermint! Apply some on both the inside of your nose as well as outside. This is in case you feel like sneezing for instant relief from congestion. Bed bugs that bite want nothing more than to make life unpleasant for everyone around them.


Peppermint scents are strong to repel bed bugs. You can infuse them into your products to help prevent these scourges from invading your home! This scent will become pungent enough to irritate the pests. But subtle enough for everyone else not to sneeze or feel nauseous.

Apply it directly onto your skin so it does not have time to permeate through the space around you. There are even scented candles infused with this essential oil available now on the market.

Peppermint oil is a natural and versatile scent that you can use in many ways. One of the best uses for this unique odor, according to some studies of entomologists at Colorado State University-Pueblo (CSU), is as an effective bed bug repellent!

Tree Oil

Tree oil scents work great in making bed bugs disappear! They somehow sense the strong scents of natural oils and become afraid.

Especially with scented tree oils like cedarwood, ylang-ylang, or sandalwood. These scents are also not as powerful or toxic compared to many chemical sprays on the market now. So you do not have to worry too much about harming anyone around you with it.

Bed bugs hate scented trees like Cedarwood for example, because their smell is always changing. This means that they never know what they will get when approaching it!

Paraffin Oil

Paraffin oil scents can repel bed bugs with their strong smell! When placed around the house, it will work as a natural bug repellent. The smell of paraffin oil scents is normally subtle enough for people with allergies not to notice it right away. But strong enough for pests like bed bugs never to want to come near again!

These scents are very beneficial since they are similar to scented candles or incense sticks. Bed bugs hate them because they burn at high temperatures and emit their strong scents throughout the place. This way you do not have to worry about mixing anything by yourself!  

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol scents also repel bed bugs well! Just add a bit in your spray bottle and begin to spritz it around the house. These scents will become strong enough to ward off bed bugs without making you sneeze or feel nauseous. The thing is that they hate scented rubbing alcohol! It stings their eyes and smells like nothing they ever scented before.

Spray this scent around any areas you happen to find these pests. They will never want to come near again! Although, some people do not prefer these scents since they can make the house smell like a hospital room for a while.

Blood Orange Oil

Blood oranges scents are another great oil you can use to repel bed bugs! But since they are so expensive, it is best that you only buy small amounts for this purpose.

The smell of blood oranges scents will also become strong enough to get rid of these annoying creatures. That is without anyone else in the house noticing it. Make sure not to get them on your skin or clothes once applied because it can irritate.

A study from Rutger University showed that blood orange essential oil is one of the best natural oils for bed bug protection! This means you can use it in different ways. Pour some into your diffuser or apply directly onto the skin as a repellent.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatom scents come from the same substance. Diatomaceous earth scents are perfect for repelling bed bugs! They contain all-natural scents when compared to other options on the market.

These scents consist of essential oils, scented trees, or paraffin oil. You can add some diatom scents to your spray bottle with water. Begin to use it as a room-infused natural bug repellent.

This scent is very beneficial since you can also apply it directly onto your skin for immediate relief! It only targets bed bugs instead of the entire house with its smell.

Powdered Pepper

Powdered scents are perfect for making oils! They can work as a great natural bed bug repellent because of their strong scents. This is the only scented powder that works against these pests without being too overpowering! A ground-up scented peppermint is an excellent option since it is very cheap to buy and easy to use for this purpose!

The scent will become strong enough around any area where you place it. Examples are cracks or corners on the walls. It will also last several weeks after placing, depending on how frequently you walk through it. This makes powdered scents perfect for keeping your house free from creatures like bed bugs during the season!


Lemon scents are also awesome that repel bed bugs! These scents will help you get rid of these pests. One study showed that bed bugs cannot stand up to the smell of them. This is especially when combined with water and diatomaceous earth scent.

Just make sure to clean up any areas where they may hide for this purpose. You can begin to use these scents together with your regular cleaning routine. That is without making too much of a mess around your house.


Know cinnamon scents for scaring away bed bugs! This is because it can irritate their sensitive sense of smell. Just add a bit of scented cinnamon oil in your spray bottle and begin to spritz around the house.

This scented mixture will not only keep these pests away from you. But also keep them from coming back later after they have come near you. Make sure not to get it on your skin or clothes when you notice a reaction. This scented mixture may cause allergic reactions or nausea.

Neem Oil

Neem scents are oils that come from the neem tree. You can also use them as scented oils for scaring away bed bugs! This is because it has scents that these pests cannot stand up to.

A study from Iowa State University showed that neem scented oil was one of the best natural scents to keep bed bug populations under control! You should look into buying some and include it as your bug repellent.

The ancient healing properties of neem oil are still being discovered today. You can use this powerful natural remedy to repel or kill bed bugs with just a few simple steps!

Spearmint Oil

Spearmint scents are also oils that you can use to threaten away bed bugs! This is because it has scents that these pests dislike. Peppermint oil is an excellent choice for repelling bed bugs because of its high menthol content! When applied directly to the pests, it can also kill them in a contact insecticide manner.

One major downside to this solution though is that peppermints do not have any lasting effects against these annoying critters. So when you are looking for long-term relief from your pest problem, keep knowing about fellow bug busters.

Silicone Oil

Silicone scents are oils that you can place around a room to repel bed bugs! This is because it has scents that these pests stay away from. Consider it as your bug repellent.

The scents in silicone oils are very organic, which makes them perfect for applying directly to your skin or clothes! This natural scented oil will also help take care of any parasites that may come near you. Make sure to avoid this scented oil near your pet’s eyes though.

Do Bed Bugs Have a Smell?

They say that bed bugs do not have scents. At least, those that you can sense with your nose. Even when there is a scented smell to them, it does not affect you anyway.

The distinctive scent of bed bugs is often unpleasant and musty. Many people have described it as smelling like coriander or mold. Other descriptions include sweet smells and even garlic. This is because the release of odors is when the insects get scared!

What Scents Do Bed Bug Hate?

Bed bugs hate scents such as lemon scents, cinnamon oil, neem oil, spearmint, and silicone. They will hide from you when you use these smells. This is so that they can easily attack and feed off of you! Even just the threat of these scents will keep them away from your house for good.

These scents also come in different forms. You can even buy commercial products with these scents to help repel bed bugs away from your home and clothes! However, you should prepare them yourself by adding them to a spray bottle of water first.

Why Do Bed Bugs Smell When You Kill Them?

When you kill a bed bug, it will release scents that are often unpleasant. They are scents that others have described as coriander or garlic. It acts as a defense mechanism to repel predators away from their territory! Even if they do not attack you though, the scents can still affect you. Staying in close contact with these scents will make it difficult for you to breathe and even cause nausea.

Essential oils like cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree are fantastic for preventing bed bug infestation! Make your spray bottle of these natural repellents. Simply combine water with 20 to 30 drops of any one essential oil into it. This is before filling up on top with regular household tap water.

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