What Causes Bed Bug Infestations?

Bed bugs are small and unwanted creatures that feed on your blood by piercing through the skin with saw-like mouthparts. They also numb the area using saliva full of anesthetic and anti-clotting chemicals to reduce pain. These occur while they suck the life out of you!

The good news is these bugs cannot jump far or cling too tightly. Bed bugs do not like it. When one finds its way into your house unnoticed, grab some hairspray quickly! There is no time for worrying once you notice them going inside a valuable thing. Their host will suffer before inevitably getting rid of them at the best possible chance!


Going to various places causes bed bug infestations. When staying at a hotel, always check the mattress and sheets before settling in for the night. These bugs love to congregate there after feasting on a person sleeping nearby! People traveling can easily get them without proper attention to their luggage.

When your house has a bad infestation, you may want to avoid bringing in new insects and parasites. Seal off bedrooms and throw out any unwashed or dry items in hot water. This is equivalent to above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bed bug infestations suck! With all of this knowledge, you can now prevent further problems from occurring. Know how they spread like traveling. Use hot water, hairspray, and other products to successfully remove them from your life. Take this information today to prevent a problem down the road.

Reported bed bug infestations are on the rise around the country in recent years! Professionals in the hospitality industry are at risk of having the impact. These high-risk locations where guests and staff carry personal belongings may have pest species from one location to another. This becomes a severe problem when the time comes to deal with an outbreak. Subsequent cases can come into contact with them while working.

Second-Hand Furniture

Check second-hand furniture for bed bugs before bringing them into your home. You can often find them in old furniture and mattresses. They can live for several months without feeding. An adult female can lay up to 500 eggs during that time. This causes major problems when dealing with the issue.

First, it is difficult to find adult bugs because they hide in cracks and crevices after feeding for about five minutes. It is also hard to tell when they have been there soon after a blood meal. Many people do not react right away to their bites!

These pests feed on your blood using a sharp and straw-like mouthpart called a stylet fascicle. The insects pierce through the skin while injecting chemicals that prevent clotting and swelling.

They can easily hide in cracks and crevices in furniture to come into contact with you. When you see one, there are more hiding out of plain view! Use a flashlight to check inside the seams of your mattresses and behind headboards for these bugs.

You have to be careful when vacuuming second-hand items. It causes the eggs from an adult female to hatch. The eggs will not survive when they fall off a piece of furniture before hatching. However, even dead insects will cause allergies and trigger asthma symptoms in some individuals who have trouble breathing.

How do they spread

When you are traveling, these pests may have come into contact with you within the last 24 hours. This causes the chance of an infestation after moving into a new home or apartment. Look for bed bug fecal spots on your mattress and bedding. This causes one to notice them easily!

They crawl onto any article of clothing or soft object left out overnight to feed. Eating anything is their nature when it comes time to bite you in your sleep. It causes about 10 minutes before they feel satisfied again. The dried blood causes severe irritation around the area where they fed on you.

The pest causes its host to itch severely because it causes swelling around its mouthparts and anus where eggs lay. This does not cause them to look any different than other types of bugs in your house. Inspect frequently and take action when needed!

Bed bugs are tiny crawlers without wings. This means they cannot fly. It is easy for them to crawl around on furniture or move between rooms at night without getting seen!

Only a local bed bug expert might suspect that bed bug infestations move slow. Yet in some cases, these arthropods will spread very slowly indeed. It will often take months before all signs of their presence from one location become lost. But do not let this fool you into thinking the problem has gone away!

Sign of uncleanliness?

Are you neglecting the cleanliness in your home? Most of these bugs come into contact with you because they live on your pets or in some other type of animal hideout. They will stay hidden long enough to feed and reproduce quickly while avoiding your detection. These conditions lead to excessively high populations throughout a region when left unchecked.

You need a professional pest exterminator servicing New Jersey, Connecticut, NYC, and Long Island to deal with this problem. A bed bug treatment causes fast results when using sprays, powders, dust, and epicuticular waxes sprayed over beds, couches, carpets, and any other object where you may find them.

They often require professional help after many years without regular inspections for pest problems. Bed bugs can cause skin reactions before treatment. One needs to seek out professional help immediately!

You might think it causes no harm. But these insects can cause each person in a home to feel like they get less sleep every night due to their bites. This causes stress and increases the risk of heart disease. There is a lack of energy during the day for exercise or activities that involve physical exertion.

Risk Factors

Below are many risk factors that you can get from bed bugs:

When you can see signs or think you have bed bugs, do not hesitate to call us Eco Earth Bed Bug Dogs immediately! The treatment causes fast results every time!

Bed bug bites are an itchy and uncomfortable experience that can lead to serious infections without proper treatment. They are also one of the main reasons why people with allergies have difficulty sleeping at night. Their scratching habits cause painful open wounds on skin cells. These give way for other germs and bacteria inside. Fatal conditions like septicemia or meningitis can become the outcome.

Ticks and fleas carry diseases such as plague. This is how they spread them through human contact often without even realizing what has happened. Symptoms do not always appear immediately after exposure. These pests cause harm to other animals as well. They can infect pets, livestock, and wild insects without proper care.


Here are three ways to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home or business:


Do this for your mattresses and pillows. Put them in plastic or waterproof material that you can easily wash to reduce the risk of infestation.

Seal any cracks and crevices on your walls, floors, and doors throughout your house after treatment. They cannot enter when searching for a host.

You need to inspect beds, furniture, carpets, cabinets, closets, and rugs constantly. Take action immediately as needed!

Talk to professional pest control right away to deal with this problem correctly! It causes fast results when they use their treatments. Insects can gather in large numbers.

They often require professional help after many years without regular inspections for pest problems.

As if bed bugs were not enough, these annoying insects also feed on your blood and leave itchy welts behind. Their small quantities are safe but can cause mental anguish for their victims as well.

It is an effect to suffer through the pain of an infestation while trying to protect yourself from buying chemical pesticides. These can do you more harm than good. Add a high-quality mattress cover that is less expensive than most treatments.

The best way to deal with bed bugs is by preventing them in the first place! A mattress cover will make it harder for these pesky creatures! They hide under items like mattresses or behind the corners of loose carpets. See their cleverness in coming up through cracks on floors. Covering your favorite hiding spots will discourage them from staying there.

Bug Spray

To get rid of bed bugs, you must use a combination of sprays and powders. This can get difficult because there are many natural ingredients in most products. They prove effective against these annoying insects as well. Some may feel they need commercial pesticides after an infestation occurs.

But studies show with time, you can remove them all on your own without resorting too much to chemical fertilizers or pesticides. These will only feed off each other’s toxicity while doing nothing else helpful for those who live nearby.

Most people nowadays rely heavily upon bed bug sprayers alongside traditional remedies such as bed beet powder. This is when attempting to eliminate these bugs from staying inside their homes.

The most effective way to get rid of them is by using natural products. Even though there are many different sprays, people should not use them all at once. This is dangerous for your health! Remember this especially when you have an infestation that has been going on for some time already.

Bug spray oil contains oils from peppermint flowers which repel insects. Likewise, they are also safe enough around pets or small children. It is possible to happen upon any leftover containers left out after applying these chemicals onto one’s own space where they live, sleep, and so on.

Mosquito Netting

Treat this like creating a net around your bed. Put it over the top of you while sleeping at night. Eliminate the risk of having bites from these small yet powerful bugs!

This is an effective solution that works well for those who are currently sleeping in one place during an infestation or just moved back into their home after months away. Use it as a beneficial tool while helping to prevent bed bugs from entering your mattress or box spring. They cannot crawl through tiny holes with ease since they are smaller than most canines or felines.

Choose among durable and effective mosquito prevention solutions for your homes. Installation of American Velcro Insects screens that you can barely notice is available. Its fabric material makes them highly resistant to insects like mosquitos or even housepets.

Put the frame on any wooden window without the need for additional aluminum bracing. It has ‘Grade A’ ultrafine fiberglass netting which protects against dengue fever and Zika virus. Henceforth, prevent yourself from also getting these diseases.

Are these effective?

The effectiveness of mosquito nets can increase! Pretreat them with an appropriate insecticide or repellent. Research shows this method as extremely effective in preventing malaria. It saved 663 million lives over the last 2000-2015 period!

Mosquito nets can serve as a lifesaver for people who go camping. These nylon sheets, also called bednets or mosquiterrazzios (mosquitoes and thieves), provide an extra layer of protection from these annoying insects. It covers them while they sleep and stops any bites that may occur during the night. This is when you are trying to rest before getting back into your tent.

When it is not already there, make sure that the kind of netting material will work best in this regard! Light cannot penetrate through mosquito curtains like those with polyester mesh ones. Get a sturdy yet breathable one. Remember how hot it gets at high noon under bright suns!

You want to keep your home safe and free from bed bugs! But it is not always easy. They love you just as much as you desire them removed. These little critters live off your blood. It makes them quite content in reaching their target.

Fortunately, some professionals will take care of eliminating them right away! Effective methods like entomologist inspected materials or professional eliminators trained in different techniques exist. This depends on the most efficient service that you need immediately!

Prevent their infestation from getting worse. After finding out the presence of bites on a person at home or business, act on them!

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