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We take pest control very seriously, and a pest infestation can become a frightening experience for any home or business owner in Ocean County, NJ! Our company removes the pests from your home, apartment, business office, or industrial facility safely and completely.

You will have professional and reliable pest technicians. They are specially trained to remove all traces of the pest from your home or building. This is without disturbing your family or staff members who work there.

The invading insects can cause damage to your health as well as your property. It is not possible to prevent pests from entering your house entirely. But it is also realistic to get rid of them! That is once they invade your home.

Simply put, high heat steam treatments involve killing all living organisms within an item or space. They experience temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius or 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Any living organism such as bed bugs and dust mites will die when exposed to a very hot temperature!

Pest Control Services We Offer

Having pests in your home or business signals the need for any of our four services. Know more about each of them below:

We Also Offer K9 Sniffing or Detection Services in Bronx

For pest control, people usually look for insect exterminators. However, pest animals can also turn into a problem to handle. Pest infestations often create dilemmas at homes and offices. That is why pest K9 services are part of our offerings. We have highly qualified dogs with equipment that keeps pest control efficient and effective.

You will especially need these pest control services as the type exists in your home or business:

  • Bed Bug Detection
  • Bed Bug Extermination (Cryonite and High Heat Steam Treatment)

We offer pest control and extermination such as bed bug extermination in Ocean County, NJ. Call now (877) 777-4599 for a more specific consultation. 


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Cryonite Freezing Treatment

This pest control method is one of our most preferred management practices! The pest gets frozen upon contact with the cold substance, causing its immediate death. The results are great as there are no residues left after pest extermination! We also apply this treatment extensively in place of toxic chemicals.

Cryonite treatment is a powerful way to kill your bed bugs! It works in much the same manner as dry ice. But with one important difference: There is no converting from an icy form into gas upon contact with water vapor or humidity inside your home’s warmth.

The carbon dioxide released during cryonic freezing becomes purely energetic. This is without any associated caloric molecules whatsoever. It will continue going after any insects hiding deep within cracks and crevices where they are most comfortable.

High Heat Steam Treatment

This pest control process is one of the best management practices that we use! It can obliterate pest organisms by heating them such that they immediately die! The pest gets thoroughly steamed. Therefore, its elimination from your home or business is complete and thorough.

Our pest extermination technicians apply this treatment after spraying an area with an insecticide spray. You can rely on us for bed bug extermination in NYC and surrounding areas.

Bed Bug Control

You should take immediate action to control the pest situation when these creatures are getting into your home or business! There is no alternative other than calling pest control specialists like us when you have bed bugs. You can get rid of these annoying pests by using our pest management practices.

We use the best tools to exterminate them completely! Consult us for effective bed bug extermination services in Lacey Township, NJ. Trust our expertise to eliminate your bed bug problems in your home or business with our pest extermination services.

Eco Earth Bed Bug Dogs
Why Choose Eco Earth Bed Bugs Dogs?

We encourage you to seek our services in controlling and exterminating your pests in Lacey Township, NJ. Here are five reasons:

We offer affordable pest exterminator service in this city. You can get pest control services at adjustable prices that fit your budget. We have a warranty on our services, also inclusive of our prevention methods. Our fully licensed and insured pest elimination specialists conduct management techniques in Lacey Township, NJ.

You can rely on us for round-the-clock pest control. We have the expertise to handle any pest situation at any time of day or night. Our team can reach you as soon as possible after your call. So rest assured that we will come soonest to resolve your bed bug problem with effective pest extermination practices.

We use eco-friendly pest control treatments. Only expect safe pest extermination practices in Lacey Township, NJ. Keep the environment clean and free of pests!

Our pest control experts use all of the management solutions that we offer. At Eco Earth Bed Bugs Dogs, you can count on us for pest extermination services that are safe for pets or other animals at home or around your business area. They are also friendly to kids and pregnant women when they contact them accidentally.

We are pest control specialists in Lacey Township who value discretion. That is why we work efficiently to prevent bed bugs from spreading out during pest extermination. We will not let you wait for long as well.

Our pest elimination methods are the most effective practices that exterminators use in Lacey Township. Nearby areas such as New Jersey, CT, or NYC are also inclusive of our services. You can expect guaranteed results with us!

We perform pest control services with integrity and honesty at affordable prices. This is what makes our company trusted in the states that we serve.

We offer pest extermination services in Lacey Township, NJ that are fast and effective! You can rely on us to resolve your pest problems quickly!

Whether you live in a house, apartment, or have a business establishment, pests can get annoying. Rodents can invade your structure looking for shelter. Flying insects like mosquitoes, flies, or cockroaches find their way inside by accident through open windows or doors.

There are pest control companies that specialize in NYC extermination like us.

Our pest extermination services in Lacey Township, NJ are insured, certified, and licensed. You can expect pest control treatments from experts as well as the company as a whole.

We have pest elimination methods that you can trust. Only expect high-quality and effective pest control products against rodents, cockroaches, ants, spiders, or any other type of infesting insect or animal.

Our pest control technicians get rid of any infestation in your home or business establishment with guaranteed results!

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