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Bed Bug Exterminator NYC: Extermination vs. Eco Friendly Solutions

Many industries have recently refocused their products and services on “going green,” and bed bug extermination and pest control is no exception.

Eco-friendly or green pest control offers and alternative solution to chemical-based traditional extermination that uses natural sources to eliminate infestations and prevent them from coming back. 

At Eco Earth Bed Bug Dogs, we are your bed bug exterminator NYC that relies on the help of specially trained bed bug dogs as well as other natural pesticide-free methods to identify, treat, exterminate, and prevent bed bugs from returning. 

So, how does a traditional extermination approach differ from eco-friendly bed bug control solutions? Below, we’ll cover how to tell if you have bed bugs and how the two approaches offer solutions.

How to Know If You Have Bed Bugs

If you pay attention to certain signs and symptoms, you’ll be able to catch a bed bug infestation in its tracks and call for a bed bug inspection before it gets too bad. 

If you’re dealing with a pest problem of adult bed bugs, they will be small, flat-bodied insects about the size of an apple seed. If you’re dealing with female adult bed bugs, they can lay hundreds of eggs as small as a dust speck. 

If these eggs mature, they turn into nymphs that develop into adults through large feedings and five rounds of shedding. 

Bed bugs like to hide in dark, small spaces, like box springs, luggage, and couches. They may leave blood stains on sheets or upholstery if they are squished, since they feed on human blood.

If you notice any of these signs or notice bed bug bites on anyone who lives in your home, it’s important that you call local bed bug specialists to treat the issue.


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Cryonite Freezing

Once the team of dogs has confirmed the location of the bed bugs, an eco-friendly bed bug control company can use Cryonite freezing to kill bed bugs on contact without posing any risk to humans, furniture, electronics, or the environment.

Cryonite is liquid nitrogen, which kills eggs and bed bugs alike on contact. It’s completely free of chemicals and has proven to be an effective and safe method of eliminating bed bugs once and for all.

Using Cryonite freezing is safe, quick, and extremely effective. While pesticides and some heat treatments cannot be used in some areas, like electronics and stuffed animals, Cryonite is safe to use in all these areas and on these surfaces, offering greater coverage with every treatment. 

Cryonite freezing technology uses dry ice snow (or carbon dioxide snow) which lies around -100ºF. This is then sprayed onto the bed bugs and surfaces where they may be hiding to instantly freeze the bed bugs in their tracks, leaving no residue behind. It won’t damage or stain any materials and is safe to use on just about any site where bed bugs like to nest and hide.

High Heat Steam Treatment

Heat treatment is another eco-friendly treatment option that may be used to exterminate a bed bug infestation. Rather than use strong insecticides, a green bed bug company can use high-heat steam (usually around 120ºF up to 420º) to kill any adult bed bugs or eggs that still remain.

Steam is best used on areas like bed frames, box springs, blankets, curtains, sheets, pillows, and other fabric surfaces, though it should be used with caution in other areas, as the heat may damage some materials. Luckily, the Cryonite treatment takes care of the areas where heat treatment cannot reach.

Many companies, including Eco Earth Bed Bug Dogs use all three of these methods together to eliminate all of the present bed bugs/eggs and reduce the chance of them coming back later.

Traditional Bed Bug Treatment

Traditional pest control companies use legal pesticides, called insecticides, to control and kill off pests like bed bugs. A bed bug company that uses these traditional methods in their extermination services adheres to legal restrictions and regulations around these chemicals to ensure they won’t harm humans, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the chemicals used are good for the environment.

Most sprayed pesticides require the family to exit the home for at least four hours during and after treatment to ensure that all of the chemicals are not still floating around in the air where they may be breathed in. 

Traditional bed bug extermination methods may also include HEPA vacuums, heat treatments, and other direct treatment methods.

Most traditional pest control models include a combination of:

  • Baits
  • Granules
  • Chemicals

Together, these three methods can both trap and poison bed bugs to exterminate the infestation.

While many pest control companies have relied on these methods of exterminating for years and still today, there’s now a new option available in the form of eco-friendly bed bug control, using techniques such as bed bug dogs, cryonite, and heat treatment.

Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Control

There are several different eco-friendly treatment options you should also consider if your home is showing signs of a bed bug infestation. These options don’t include the use of any harsh chemicals but rely on more natural methods of removing or exterminating bed bugs on the premises.

The National Pest Management Assocation (NPMA) advocates for the use of these trained scent detection canine teams, especially when it may be hard to detect bed bugs. If bites or small blood stains are found, but no live bugs can be visually detected, using scent-tracking dogs can help to locate hidden infestations that are otherwise undetectable.

While they are extremely effective at locating bed bugs, they cannot exterminate or treat present infestations.

At Eco Earth Bed Bug Dogs, we use canine bed bug inspectors as well as a cryonite freezing method and heat treatment to both locate and eliminate the bed bugs. Together, these treatments deliver the same effective results as traditional bed bug treatment without the use of pesticides.

The Use of a Bed Bug Dog

When people first learn about the use of bed bug dog inspection for bed bugs, they’re often surprised. However, canines are used in many fields to detect scents that humans can’t pick up, and pest control is one of them.

Dogs are great at bed bug detection, as they can pinpoint the exact locations where bed bugs and their eggs can be hiding in your home. While traditional inspections can take hours, dog inspections take just minutes and eliminate the need for invasive home searches to find the infestation, saving both time and money for the homeowner.

When fully trained and certified, bed bug dogs are up to 98% accurate in detecting bed bugs and bed bug eggs. These dogs are trained with the same methods used by police departments to train bomb or drug-sniffing dogs.

Benefits of Green Bed Bug Pest Control

Green pest control services can provide the same results as traditional, chemical-based pest control services can. However, they can produce these same results faster, more permanently, and without as much environmental harm. 

Some of the most notable advantages of using eco-friendly bed bug pest control include:

  • Doesn’t leave any residual chemicals behind
  • Kills bed bugs in all stages, from eggs to adults
  • Only requires one visit, while traditional treatment usually requires at least one follow-up
  • Can enter the home as soon as the treatment is complete
  • Heat treatment radiates through walls and into crevices, attacking bed bugs that are otherwise hard to reach with sprayed chemicals
  • Kills bed bugs without building their resistance to chemicals, which can make them harder to ultimately kill
  • Can fully eradicate a bed bug problem 95% of the time
  • Doesn’t impact the environment
  • Offers long-term protection
  • Reduces reliance on insecticides

Non-chemical, eco-friendly, or “green” pest control isn’t just limited to bed bugs. It can also be used on a variety of common household pests.

If you’ve found success in using green pest control techniques for bed bug removal, you may also consider using eco-friendly pest management to control the presence of other pests in the home, like cockroaches, termites, and other critters.

Ask your team of pest control experts what green methods they offer and what pests they are most effective on to learn more.

While green pest control isn’t always the right answer for every situation, there are some circumstances where it makes the most sense to use a chemical-free, eco-friendly approach to managing your bed bug infestation.

How can you know if eco-friendly pest management is right for you?

Your best course of action is calling and speaking with a team of pest control experts to go over the details of your home and your pest needs and make the most informed decision on the matter.

Some signs that eco-friendly pest control techniques might be right for you:

  • You prefer using natural products in the home
  • You try to reduce your negative impact on the environment
  • You would rather kill the infestation completely with one round of service vs. have several follow-up visits or quarterly treatments
  • You don’t want the bed bugs to build up a chemical resistance to the common insecticides used to kill them
  • You don’t want to or are unable to leave your home for an extended period of time that is often required with chemical-based treatments

If any of the above statements sound like you, give a bed bug exterminator NYC company a call to learn about the chemical-free and eco-friendly options available to you.

If you’ve decided that green bed bug control is the best option for you, here’s what you should keep in mind when deciding which company to go with.

The first thing you should do is head to their website and ensure the services they offer are branded as “green,” “chemical-free,” “eco-friendly,” or “environmentally conscious.”

After that, you should call the company and ask specific questions around what their techniques are and their effectiveness rate on killing bed bugs and preventing them from returning. While they may not use spray-based pesticides, they may use chemical granules that are not considered “green.”

It’s always a good idea to check online for company reviews to ensure they have satisfied customers that would recommend their service to others.

You should also ask about pricing to gauge how much their services will cost you. A good eco-friendly extermination company will be transparent with its pricing and will usually offer free estimates.

Finally, ask what kind of participation they will need from you. Will they need you to vacate the property during the treatment? Will you be able to return promptly after service is completed?

If they meet all of your expectations through this process, chances are they are a reputable and trustworthy company worth your time and money.

Green Bed Bug Exterminator NYC

At Eco Earth Bed Bug Dogs, we are a top bed bug company in New York City, serving NYC and the surrounding areas with eco-friendly, chemical-free pest control services to eliminate the issue at the source and prevent the pests from coming back.

We’re proud to be your top pick for green pest control in all NYC neighborhoods, including Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, and nearby New Jersey.

If you need bed bug extermination in the greater New York area, contact Eco Earth Bed Bug Dogs for effective, friendly, and fast service.

Eco Earth Bug Dogs: Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Pest Control NYC

If you notice a bed bug infestation in your home, don’t live in misery. Become bed bug free after your first visit from Eco Earth Bed Bug Dogs and let our skilled canines lead the way to a better, cleaner, and pest-free home. 

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