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Cryonite Freezing Treatments

Cryonite has been a popular method for killing bed bugs! This is especially when you consider the fact that it will not harm you or your pets. The idea behind Cryonite Freezing is to use dry ice. It creates carbon dioxide, thus suffocating the bed bug in question.

Why and When We Recommend Treating with Cryonite?

Cryonite works well on any stage of your bed bug infestation. It is a quick and easy way to get rid of the pests in your home or office, provided that you located all of them! You will want to verify where they are hiding and try cryonite freezing when possible. It is also in conjunction with heat treatments and other forms of dry bed bug elimination.

Inspecting for bed bugs can take some time. But it is best when you inspect every mattress seam from top to bottom. This way you know where to place cryonite. It is most effective against parasites! Cryonite works very quickly because these bugs breathe through their skin. Take this as a signal that it suffocates them within seconds!


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Process and Method

Start by removing all Cryonite from its bag. Place it in a Cryo-resistant tool such as an oven mitt. Stand up the Cryonite box against the wall. Move your bed or furniture away from that side of the room. You can then start tracing your forced air heating system to find out where it begins.

This is typically at a vent in your bedroom or living area. But you will want to inspect every square inch. Likewise, look at nearby cracks and crevices for any sign of bugs.

Make sure not to hit any walls when you trace back. These bugs like hiding in tight spaces. Instead, stay close together and follow the length of each stretch. This is until you reach the end. Turn the Cryonite box upright. Place it in the middle of the room, close to your baseboards.

At this point, you can turn off any fans or forced air heating systems in your bedroom. Then move to another room at least three feet away from the Cryonite itself. You want to stay clear in case it catches fire!

After that, shut all doors and windows around Cryonite. Make sure that it will not go into other rooms. Turn on your forced air heating system for about five minutes. This will heat the Cryonite before you go back to blow cold air over it with your forced-air system again.

What Cryonite Can Do?

Cryonite eliminates bed bug hiding places. It does this by suffocating them with dry ice. Get rid of the bugs in your furniture and other upholstery materials. When any of them are still in that area upon the completion of Cryo, it will kill them quickly! This is without making a mess or wasting time.

Once Cryonite renders your bed bug infestation useless, it is time to use pesticides. Sprays work best for small outbreaks while powders are more appropriate for larger operations with significant populations of these pests.

When you need to freeze out this type of parasite from your home, Cryonite is an excellent choice! It kills off bed bugs regardless of their life stage.

Eco Earth Bed Bug Dogs

Advantages of Using Cryonite Freezing

Familiarize yourself with three advantages that you can get from cryonite freezing. Here they are:

Cryonite is dry and frozen. It does not make a mess like pesticides do. You can save yourself time by placing it where you know bed bugs are. Put it in the middle of your room. Make sure that they cannot escape to another part of your apartment or house.

After cryonite has already done its duty, it will become easy for you to find all the hiding places to treat them with pesticides. Make sure that cryo has melted into water before using pesticides. This will also kill any eggs still inside those areas.

Cryo does not make a mess or require you to vacate the premises. You can kill bed bugs in your home with cryo. No need to worry about its side effects. Heating it in a space will make it dissipate quickly!

Cryonite freezes bugs quickly! This is because bed bugs breathe through their skin. It works against both nymphs and adults.

Use cryonite when it will become difficult for you to focus on your bed bug problem. Process in the middle of the night when possible. This is to catch them when they are in a vulnerable state. You can put cryo in your bedroom or living room while you sleep.

Cold cryo kills bed bugs right away! You do not have to watch them die one by one like you would with pesticides. They cannot escape this ice!

Bed bug and cryonite experts agree that the second one is faster and more effective than the usual fumigation method for these pests! It gets rid of them in your home without wasting time or using harsh chemicals that will harm others around you.

Using cryonite makes it easier to kill bed bugs hiding in or near your baseboards. The block or ring will suffocate them there as well as those among the crevices of your furniture. Clear these areas before using it to make sure that they cannot escape!

You can also use cryonite on your mattress and box spring for a safe and chemical-free way to get rid of bed bugs. This freezes all types of eggs even when they are on the bottom side of your bedding materials.

Why Choose Eco Earth Bed Bugs for Cryonite?

Eco Earth Bed Bugs is the Cryonite provider of choice for killing these types of bugs! Get rid of these parasites safely and effectively while keeping your family safe from harm.

Take the chance to experience a new and innovative way of bed bug management, using dogs! The 100% chemical-free and earth-friendly integrated approach will provide you with absolutely no risk to yourself or the environment. These canine detectors can smell up to 98% of bugs in your house.

Go for our safe bed bug treatments without any toxins before carrying out further inspections. This is also for more serious infestations throughout every room imaginable.

You can call us directly for any inquiries about Cryo or pest control services in the tri-state area. Feel free to do so at your convenience.

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