When you are reading this, chances are either you or someone you know had a problem with bed bugs before.

Those who are not familiar with these parasitic insects, know that they feed on blood. You can find them in many parts of the world though they like temperate climates. These bloodsucking pests are between 4 to 5 mm long after their first meal. They feast at night when their human hosts are asleep since it is easier for them. Expect them to avoid daylight because it dehydrates them.

Their bites cause allergic reactions that range from itching and hives to swollen lymph nodes. Also, secondary infections may occur due to scratching the bites too much. This is why some individuals end up needing medical attention.

What is a K9 Bed Bug Inspection?

When the problem is in your home, a canine bed bug inspection can help in your efforts to get rid of them even faster!

Bed bugs have been with mankind for ages and their behavior remains. This is despite having new variants with different strengths. During medieval times, they infested peasants’ homes where they would sleep on straw bedding since mattresses were expensive. In warmer climates, they would hide in cracks and crevices during the day and come out at night to feast on their hosts.

Today, most people live in multi-story houses that have more hiding places for these pests. Bed bug dogs can find them properly unlike you who need a flashlight or a UV light to spot them. They use olfactory glands that work better than you to locate them.

The process should begin with discussions about the advantages of canine bed bug inspections. Then, a training regimen for you and your dog will help in understanding what your search and rescue dog can do for you.

After which, they move on to how to do it so you will know when to have this service right away. The inspection begins with searching hard surfaces like walls and furniture’s crevices or hidden compartments where bed bugs hide during the day. These areas are necessary because it is difficult to find one unless you sweep mattresses and box springs thoroughly since they avoid light.

Benefits of Bed Bug Sniffing Canine

Familiarize yourself with five of these that you can experience from canine bed bug inspections. Below is a guide:

All Life Stages are Detected

This accuracy is better than using human scent since the dog’s sense of smell is ten times stronger! When it comes to finding these, you need the best breed that can detect them easily.

When they finish locating bed bugs in your home, you will realize how beneficial canine bed bug inspections are. For example, they can find whether or not there are eggs attached to surfaces like behind switch plates and baseboards. With this type of training very early on, you will know when the infestation has spread further into other parts of the home.

The canine’s keen sense of smell is the only tool that can detect all stages in an infestation by scent. A properly trained and accredited bed bug dog has been proven for this task. They are alert on both live insects as well as their eggs!

The ability to find all stages of a bed bug infestation is not something that can have an accurate prediction by inspecting a person’s home. It requires the advantages of canine bed bug inspections for this task.

The Bed Bug Canine is Highly Accurate

Bugs are easy to miss when you are not using the advantages of canine bed bug inspections. The best thing about these dogs is that they can smell one from as far away as 20 feet or more when it is close by.

Even with a heavy infestation, there is no problem for a highly-trained dog to detect them accurately. Even when there is only a single bug in your home, the canine will continue its search. Once it completes this task, then it should alert you through body language that shows it found something.

After making the full circuit of the room and once it found nothing else, their handler has to take note of where exactly the alert comes from. Whether or not there is an actual bed bug there, the handler needs to get rid of it so they will not get confused.

This role requires patience on both parts since you have to take time in conducting your canine bed bug inspections properly. It also ensures detection of all life stages while accuracy is still intact throughout the process.

Fast Inspection Times

You may not have to spend a lot of time inspecting your own home. It will depend on the size and age of your infestation.

Yet, once you start using the advantages of canine bed bug inspections, then you will realize that there is a significant difference from what you do without dogs. The advantages are faster searches with successful outcomes all the time!

In any case, where you find bugs, remove them quickly! This process requires the use of several tools like cutting torches or hot plates to treat surfaces for residual eggs and adults hiding in cracks and crevices. Ensure elimination among other pests that carry them as well as ticks that could carry Lyme disease.

When following a schedule for inspection at least twice a year, everything will fall in place. Have these inspections through professionals as they can still find any new evidence of infestations within 24 to 48 hours after introduction into your home.

Protect Your Image and Your Reputation

You are not the only one to suffer from this condition. Dogs can also get bites, especially when you do not control them properly!

Hence, it is important to make use of the advantages of canine bed bug inspections offered through a reputable company with trained dogs. They will also bring all necessary equipment and provide other services for your protection against these pests. The main goal is to work closely with homeowners for their total restoration.

This has been proven as one way for the successful eradication of infestations safely and quickly at the same time. It has also been effective in homes with kids, the elderly, and people with allergies. The advantages of canine bed bug inspections are priceless in saving you time and money while ensuring that everything is back to normal again.

Their strong scent detection skills will protect your image and reputation by removing the need for extensive cleaning. You can become confident that canine teams have proper training. They are certified professionals with an impeccable track record of accuracy in inspections!

Reducing Cost of Infestation Due to Early Detection

You may not become aware of it, but your home can already have bed bugs. The advantages of canine bed bug inspections are vital in early detection. This is especially when you have many people coming into or leaving your space.

When you want to know when you have them, take a look at these clues:

– a musty odor that results from their excrement

– rusty stains on mattresses and couches due to crushed engorged bugs

– molted insect skin left behind with hiding adult bed bugs in tiny cracks

– blood smears on sheets or pillowcases from squished bugs while they feed so stealthily during the night!

Aside from these signs, dogs can do an accurate check within half an hour by sniffing. At the same time, they can determine when there is a live infestation through their keen sense of smell and pinpoint its exact location!

Who are These Dogs and How are They Selected

Not all dogs have training for this duty. You have to become selective with the advantages of canine bed bug inspections. Go for only those worth your money!

First, these animals must get along well with people and not become aggressive in any way. Then, they should demonstrate good scent detection skills through a natural curiosity plus a high energy level. The perfect candidates should also work closely with their owners without hesitation every day.

You will notice that there is almost no need to train these special canines. They take to their work naturally and love what they do! Give proper handling and care while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Provide them everything they need and you will receive plenty back from them each day! 

Training The Canine

Working with reputable and skilled professionals, the advantages of canine bed bug inspections are vital in the success of your mission. This is because of their experience in working with canine teams.

A dog trainer conducts the advantages of canine bed bug inspections by teaching it how to learn, think, and act like a human! They must learn how to work closely with people while following every command that you give them.

They will receive proper training for this task before they can go ahead with the advantages of canine bed bug inspections. This way, they are consistent when working with property owners just like you. Everything they do has been drilled into each one of them. They know what you expect of them including proper sanitation at all times. Their responsibilities involve guarding your home against further infestation while also protecting you from bites!

Scent Detection Certificate

The advantages of canine bed bug inspections are vital in using a professional with proper training for this service. This is because they must go through an intense certification process. Their accuracy and reliability will have checking.

At the same time, they ensure that your dog is ready to work with them as a team by passing their scent detection certificate program. Just like you, dogs also need to upgrade their skills and learn new information. They must remain sharp and avoid becoming complacent so they can serve you better every day.

When you want to save money now and in the future, this training starts with the advantages of canine bed bug inspections. You will receive excellent value for your money!

The advantages of canine bed bug inspections are vital because these dogs can reveal when you have a problem with them before it gets worse. They can also check places that are hard to reach for you. Do not put up with any bites here even when they are occasional at first.

The Testing Process

The advantages of canine bed bug inspections start with a training process that an expert service provider oversees. This is because they must make sure that your dog does his work correctly and he can return to you without any issues.

You will receive the advantages of canine bed bug inspections through their certification program for this task. This includes tracking down live and dormant egg cases as well as bloodstains. When not treated quickly, these problems can lead to a massive infestation on your property after just one night!

While some people would rather do things alone, these advantages ensure that everything goes faster! Your dog completes the inspection within half an hour or so. You have less time wasted on checking individual rooms or luggage.

When combining the advantages of canine bed bug inspections with a solid treatment plan, you can expect great value for your money! You must also keep your dog healthy and happy so he can deliver his best each day!

Are Canine Services Cost-Effective

The advantages of canine bed bug inspections prove as the most cost-effective option for you. This is because it combines a lot of advantages under one roof! These include:

Canine teams get rid of bed bugs quickly without harming any pets or children in the home. You must also take care of your furniture and other belongings while they dig into their work. They also come with a low damage rate, which keeps you from spending more money at the end of the day.

Containing an infestation early on also reduces calls to pest control experts. It can save you time, money, and stress by avoiding human error when dealing with this problem all alone! When you combine these advantages, they make a great choice for active and busy professionals!

You must bring in a canine team to inspect your property when you cannot rely on yourself or another human partner every step of the way. They come with decades of experience that benefit both you and your family in many ways!

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