Eco Earth Bed Bug Dogs is a company that specializes exclusively in the detection and removal of bed bugs. We are fully dedicated to taking an environmentally healthy approach to eliminating bed bugs. Our team realizes many of the concerns our clients face when determining what method of bed bug removal to select. Time and time again the harmful effects of chemical pesticides and insecticides in both humans and animals have been proven. Our methods have been proven both safe and effective. Why risk exposing your family and pets to harsh chemicals when it is absolutely unnecessary. Our team is highly efficient and we will guarantee results.

  • Our innovative and state of the art approach allows us to effectively eliminate bed bugs without the use of any chemicals that that may be harmful to humans or animals.
  • Our team will work quickly and discreetly to deliver outstanding service and results.
  • Unlike many of our competitors we offer one of the best guarantees in the industry.
  • Eco Earth Bed Bug Dogs is committed to customer satisfaction and we take pride in getting the job done right the first time around.
  • We use a proven method that is effective in the elimination of bed bugs and their eggs and we work well with building owners, home owners, renters, landlords, office managers and building supervisors.

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