5 Benefits of Canine Bed Bug Inspections

The costs associated with canine bed bug inspections are often high. Many people question whether or not this process is worth it. However, the benefits far outweigh the costs. 

Why Do You Need Bed Bug Detection?

Discover that the benefits of canine bed bug inspections begin with a simple fact. They can detect them where no one else can. The majority of people use insecticides and pesticides to try and eliminate these pesky creatures. But this is counterproductive.

You Cannot See Bed Bugs with the Naked Eye

It seems like common sense that you can see a bed bug if it were standing right in front of your face. The sad truth is that you cannot see them at all without using special equipment such as microscopes or high-powered flashlights. Canine bed bug inspectors have the training to find these little bloodsuckers by their scent. They can eradicate an infestation much more quickly than trying other methods!

Benefits of K9 Bed Bug Inspection

The activity of bed bug inspection guarantees you five benefits. Know about them below:

All Life Stages Are Detected

You can work with canine bed bug inspectors in NYC, New Jersey, and Connecticut to ensure that your house is free of all life stages. The benefits of this are clear because it eliminates the possibility of future infestations in these places. 

A bed bug’s life begins with an egg that is so small. It is comparable to two grains of salt. Female bugs lay between one and five eggs each day and may have 500 lifetime worth within their six-day lifespan. They lay singly or in clusters hidden away for safekeeping until hatching time arrives on its due date.

After male sperm fertilizes it, she promptly places that tiny package anywhere. There appears some form of crevice which will protect him or her against predators.

They start as small and yellow-white nymphs that take five weeks to become adults at room temperature. There is no need for any blood meals or molting in between molts. It is a reality that over 30 known species exist. But only 14 can appear within houses.

Canine Bed Bug Detection’s Accuracy

Canine bed bug inspections are very accurate. Only one out of every five dogs is even capable of finding a whole live bug, much less a colony. This means that the benefits of canine bed inspections signify that you will not have to worry about spending money on unnecessary preparation or time spent in treatment. The results are immediate and demonstrate an unconditional guarantee.

Bed Bugs Cannot Hide from Dogs

During a canine inspection for bed bugs, benefits may include training your dog to detect live bugs within their hidden stages. This is based upon the fact that they cannot conceal themselves from detection when it comes to this procedure. In addition, you are sure that they can inspect all corners thoroughly.

Inspections are Fast

The benefits of canine bed bug inspections are extremely fast! Dogs can inspect a house in no time at all. This is especially when you factor in their ability to access hard-to-reach areas that many humans cannot. It allows for expedited treatment and the benefits of an inspection that fulfills your needs.

To avoid getting bit while you sleep, clean your bedding in burning hot water. Place all items into a bag before pouring general household chemicals on them. This is for 30 minutes or more. Allow this process to dry completely overnight.

Once the item is fully dry, remove any remaining bugs trapped within. Do it with vacuuming upholstery areas lying flat against walls where they may be hiding out of sight. Replace everything in its proper place. Enjoy not having bites at night from now until next month’s treatment.

Protecting Your Property

A canine bed bug inspection benefits you by protecting your property. This is because it allows for the early detection of any infestation. Go a step ahead of them with treatment before anyone else becomes affected. It also benefits you by guaranteeing the eradication of all bugs. You can find them in one room or throughout the entire house.

Bed bug inspections promise benefits to you and everyone living within your household. It proves itself, therefore, as an extremely effective way to rid yourself of this pest problem once and for all. There is early detection of any infestation making it easy to treat.

Reduced Costs

When combined with heat treatments, the benefits of canine bed bug inspections equate to reduced costs. This is because they can detect where the bugs are hiding out of sight. They can access hard-to-reach areas that humans cannot, allowing for a more thorough inspection. 

Give your canine bed bug inspection benefits by performing it regularly. This benefits you with early detection which means that treatment does not come as a costly lesson later on. You may save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.

Canine Bed Bug Inspection vs Human Inspection

The benefits of canine bed bug inspections are very useful for any kind of home. They can benefit you with reduced costs due to early detection, less time spent on removal and improved safety, and speedier treatments. Access all of these through one tiny package upon entering your house. There is expediting of treatments this way making it fast and easy to rid yourself of the problem.

Scent Detection Certification

The benefits of canine bed bug inspections prove its effectiveness. These give you the chance to make an educated guess as to whether or not it will work. You can see that benefits include training your dog to detect live bugs within their hidden stages which is truly a benefit all on its own.

Is it for everyone? No, and benefits of canine bed bug inspections prove this point with facts and statistics. There are twice as many dogs who cannot perform this task successfully. As well as only 20% who can locate what they learned to for 100% of the time.

When it comes down to it, the benefits of canine bed bug inspection provide you with peace of mind as well as safety. You will know if there is an infestation. Treat it quickly and efficiently by contacting a bed bug exterminator in the tri-state area! This is instead of waiting on false alarms or wasting money on treatments that may not even help. Do this for those who reside in your home and ensure that everyone sleeps safe and every night.

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