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Suspect you have Bed Bugs?

Eco Earth Bed Bug Dogs will provide you with affordable and expert pest control services for your home or business. Using our Integrated Management Approach, our canine bed bug detection is discreet, fast, and 98% effective.

100% Green Certified Bed Bug Detection Services

Eco Earth Bed Bugs Dogs is a pest control company that specializes exclusively in the detection and removal of bed bugs. We are fully dedicated to taking an environmentally friendly approach as we make your home pest-free. Our team recognizes many of the concerns our clients face when determining the best method of bed bug control. We aim to protect you and your pets from the harmful effects of chemical pesticides and insecticides. Proudly serving the Long Island, NYC, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas, our methods have been proven both safe and highly effective. Why risk exposing your family and pets to harsh chemicals?

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Our "IMA" Integrated Management Approach Process

Step 1: Fully Certified and Trained Dogs

The first step is determining if you have bed bugs and where they are located. Our fully certified and trained canine team will aid in the detection of bed bugs. Our canine team has been trained using the highest quality standards in the industry.

Step 2: Cryonite Freezing Technology

Cryonite freezing is the next step in our IMA process. Cryonite is a form of liquid nitrogen that kills bed bugs and their eggs on contact. The liquid nitrogen is safe to use on any surface, including electronics and all other household items. It’s proven to be safe and effective in eliminating bed bugs while being 100% chemical-free.

Step 3: High Heat Steam Treatment

High heat steam is the final step in the IMA process. At 420 degrees of heat, we steam your surfaces to ensure we kill any remaining bed bugs and their eggs.


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Effective Canine Bed Bug Detection for Homeowners, Property Managers, and Realtors

Residential Services

For homeowners, finding out you have an infestation of bed bugs can be a stressful experience. Bed bugs can be brought into the home quite easily, and the pests can multiply fairly quickly as well. If you suspect you have bed bugs, give us a call immediately to ensure the problem doesn’t escalate. We’ll arrive timely and discreetly. 

Commercial Bed Bug Services

Commercial properties, especially those in larger cities like Manhattan or Brooklyn, tend to be more susceptible to bed bug problems. With so many tenants and clients coming in and out, it’s easy for these critters to transfer. This proves to be a problem for property managers. At Eco Earth Bed Bugs Dogs, we help many landlords and property management companies in the Long Island, NYC, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas.

With tenants reporting bed bug occurrences every day, we make extermination a seamless process at just a call away! We’ll provide efficient inspection and examination as quickly as possible. 


Realtor Services

If you’re a realtor, you’ll want potential buyers to have peace of mind knowing their new home is free of bed bugs. Whether you’re selling a house that’s old and vacant or a relatively new condominium, bed bugs can unknowingly have access to any space. We work closely with countless real estate agencies to conduct bed bug inspections on behalf of sellers and buyers. From there, you can close the deal with ease.

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Why Choose Eco Earth?

Bed Bug Canine Detection

Because bed bugs are not your typical, everyday pest, it’s important that we utilize a skillful detective who can thoroughly locate them and where they thrive. Our canines at Eco Earth Bed Bugs Dogs are specially trained and certified to conduct thorough and efficient home inspections to find the source of your bed bugs reliably.

Bed bug sniffing dogs have the unique ability to sniff out the scent of bed bugs and their eggs, no matter how hidden they may be. Hard to find areas like deep crevices inside furniture and behind walls are excellent breeding grounds for bed bugs. Using their scent detection our certified bed bug canines will alert us of only live bed bugs and viable eggs, allowing us to take action with better precision.

Do Your Part and Be Green Friendly.
Help Our Environment by Using a Company that Does Not Dispose of Harmful Chemicals.

If you suspect you might have bed bugs, the last thing you need is the addition of harmful chemicals circulating your space. Keep you, your loved ones, and the environment clean with Eco Earth Bed Bugs Dogs. Our trained dogs will get the job done so you can get back to the more important things!

Whether you’re a homeowner, property manager, landlord, or realtor, bed bugs are always a possibility and a nuisance that needs taking care of. We service areas in Long Island, New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut and provide precise and efficient bed bug detection you can trust.

With our eco-friendly Integrated Management Approach process, our bed bug exterminators  will undoubtedly get the job done one and for all. No need to return for a second time like the other pest control services.

Isn’t it time you finally felt peace of mind? If you suspect you need bed bug treatment, don’t hesitate to give us a call today! One of our helpful staff members will be happy to send our certified K9s and exterminators your way today!

Common Signs You Might Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs typically feed a night time while we sleep by piercing the skin and withdrawing blood through an elongated beak. If you wake up with multiple tiny, itchy wells, you likely have bed bugs.

Bed bug fecal matter looks like a small black dot and consists of digested blood. You may notice small blood stains on your pillow or bedding or dark rusty spots on your mattress or furniture.

Bedbug cast skins refer to eggshells or shed skins in areas where bedbugs hide. Keep in mind that a cast skin could be from a previous infestation as well.

An unpleasant, musty odor from the bugs’ scent glands may also be an indicator of a bed bug infestation 

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